• How can the affected products be identified – I need someone to come and identify the model for me?

    Identifying the model and serial number is straightforward. A sticker (rating plate) is located on the inner rim of the door opening. The model and serial number (10 digit number) are on this sticker.

    The first 2 digits of the serial number give the year of production and the last 2 digits give the month of production. The affected products were manufactured between May and October 2012. Please contact us if your models’ serial number begins with 12 and ends with any of the following: 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10.

    Customers should visit our serial number checker, or call 0800 917 2018 or 1800 25 29 25 in Eire, with these model details. If the sticker cannot be located, call us and our staff can help them identify whether the model is an affected product.

    Locating your serial number

  • Is it safe for me to continue using my tumble dryer?

    Your safety is our priority. While we believe the risk of failure is low, we are encouraging the owners of Beko 6kg & 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryers manufactured between May and October 2012 to visit our serial number checker or to call 0800 917 2018 or 1800 25 29 25 in Eire to check whether it is an affected product.

    If you own an affected product, please stop using it immediately and disconnect it from the wall socket as a precaution.

  • Do I need the Condenser Tumble Dryer repaired?

    No, a free of charge modification is all that is required. We would like to modify the affected products to ensure they do not present a potential risk. This modification needs to be carried out by Beko plc.

  • How long will it take to modify?

    About 20 minutes and will be completely free of charge.

  • Who will undertake the repairs?

    Our specialist engineers will carry out the modification in the UK and Ireland.

  • Is this a permanent solution?


  • Who is taking responsibility for any potential damage during the repairs?

    Our engineers are used to working on products in customers’ homes and are fully insured.

  • Will the modification affect my warranty and / or the product performance?

    The modification will not affect the warranty or have any negative impact on performance.

  • Will I be able to see the modification on the product?

    Because the component affected is located inside the Condenser Tumble Dryer, in all cases customers will not see it.

  • What about if I want a replacement product or a full refund?

    Once the modification has been carried out, the product performance or the warranty will not be affected, therefore a replacement or refund is not appropriate.

  • Can we arrange an out of hours and/or a weekend appointment?

    We hope to take care of the majority of the modifications during normal working hours in the UK and Ireland.

  • If I need to take time off work etc. how will I be compensated?

    We will do our best to make the modification on a working day convenient to you. Unfortunately, we cannot provide compensation for time taken off work. We appreciate there may be some inconvenience but we are doing this as part of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety for you as a customer.

  • Am I able to repair this myself or use a local engineer/repairer?

    As this is safety related, it is important that Beko trained engineers carry out this work.

  • What guarantees will you provide and what confidence will I have that the product is safe after the modification?

    The modification has been vigorously tested and approved. We are confident it is safe.

  • Will the person carrying out the modification carry out other repairs?

    No, the person carrying out the modification will visit for that sole purpose. Any other repairs that are required will be carried out separately under the terms of your warranty.

  • Have any other manufacturer’s products been affected?

    Our main concern is the safety of our own product. We do not have any knowledge of similar issues affecting other manufacturers.

  • Is this linked to your fridge freezer product recall?

    No, this is not related to our ongoing fridge freezer corrective action programme. For more information please go to https://refsafety.beko.co.uk/

  • How to use and maintain your Tumble Dryer

    1. Don’t place the tumble dryer on carpet: The dryer will get hot and fluff can catch in the carpet pile which is a fire risk.

    2. Only put items in the tumble dryer which are suitable for tumble drying. Items which aren’t suitable can be a fire risk if tumble dried. Ensure that any items placed in the tumble dryer are free from oil, dry cleaning solution or any alcohol based solutions as they can ignite during the drying cycle.

    3. Ensure that the lint filter is cleaned after every cycle. For condenser dryers clean the condenser in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Build-up of fluff can be a fire risk,

    4. Don’t stop the dryer mid cycle. It is possible that heat can continue to build in the drum and lead the clothes to ignite. This can occur several hours after the dryer has been stopped. This is known as “super heating” If you do stop the dryer mid cycle, or the dryer stops mid cycle due to power failure or a fault, remove and separate the clothes immediately to prevent this.

    5. Don’t start the dryer and go out or go to bed for the reasons stated in point 4. Whilst the dryer does not need continuous monitoring, it should not be left running whilst completely unattended.